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Control Cables

I. Basic Type
N VDE standard
(N) or X as per VDE
II. Insulation Materials
Y: Thermoplastic resins
X: Crosslinked thermoplastic resins
G: Elastomers
HX: Halogen-free materials
III. Cable Designation
A: Cored cable
AF: Fine wire cored cable
D: Solid wire
F: Socket core
L: Fluorescent tube cable
LH: Connecting cable light mechanical load
MH: Connecting cable medium machanical load
SH: Connecting cable heavy machanical load
SSH: Connecting cable special load
SL: Control cable/welding cable
S: Control cable
LS: Light control cable
FL: Flat cable
Si: Silicone cable
Z: Twin cable
GL: Glass filament
Li: Stranded core to VDE 0812
LiF: Stranded core to VDE 0812 superfine wire
IV. Special Feature
T: Support wire
Ö: Enchanced oil resistance
U: Flame-retardant
W: Heat resistant, weather resistant
FE: Insulation retainded for a limited time
C: Screen braiding
D: Screening as wrapping with copper wire
Q: Steel braiding
S: Steel wire braid as mechanical protection
as point II. Insulating material P/PUR polyurethane
VI. Protective Conductor
O: Without protective conductor
J: With protective conductor
VII. Number or Cores
- no.of cores
VIII. Conductor
In mm²