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Harmonized Cables

I. Basic Type
H: Harmonised type
A: National type
II. Rated Voltage
01: 100/100 Volt
03: 300/300 Volt
05: 300/500 Volt
07: 450/750 Volt
III. Insulation Materials
V2: PVC + 90°C
V3: PVC-Cold flexible
B: Ethylenpropylen-rubber
E: Polyethylene
X: XLPE, crosslinked PE
R: Rubber
S: Silicone rubber
IV. Outer/Inner sheath material
V2: PVC + 90°C
V3: PVC "cold flexible"
V5: PVC "with enhanced oil resistance"
R: Rubber
N: Choloropren rubber
Q: Polyurethane
J: Glass fibre braid
T: Textile braid
V. Special Features
C4: Copper screen braiding
H: Flat cable, seperable
H2: Flat cable, not seperable
H6: Flat cable, not seperable for lift
H8: Helical/Spiral cable
VI.Conductor Type
U: Single wire
R: Multi wire
K: Fine wire (static)
F: Fine wire (flexible)
H: Superfine wire
Y: Tinsel wire
D: Fine wire core for welding cable
E: Superfine core for welding cable
VII. Number of Cores
- No. of cores
VIII. Protective Conductor
X: Without protective conductor
G: With protective conductor
IX. Conductor cross section
In mm²